MEDL Mobile’s Fruit Blast App for iPhone

MEDL Mobile's Fruit Blast App for iPhone

MEDL Mobile has just released an iPhone app called 'Fruit Blast' for a client involving a father and son. Gone are the days where father and son build tree houses. These days they are ...

Slice It! Puzzle Game for Andorid on GetJar

Slice It! Puzzle Game for Andorid on GetJar

Slice It! puzzle & strategy game for Android, is the game where you slice different figures into the same ratio or surface area. Indulge in a fun & addictive geometric madness. Feel ...

Free Pogo Games App from EA

Free Pogo Games App from EA

Electronic Arts brings Pogo online games to iPhone and iPod touch. The Pogo Games App features five of the online games, and each game offers a fun, pick-up-and-play challenge, including: Poppit!, Word ...

Maple 15 Has Over 270 New Mathematical Functions

Maple 15 Has Over 270 New Mathematical Functions

Maplesoft released the Maple 15, the technical computing software for mathematicians, engineers, and scientists. With over 270 new mathematical functions and over a thousand enhancements to existing algorithms, customers can solve more complex ...

LG Optimus LTE is not the Only LTE Devices by LG

App Store or Android market, which one is better for game downloads?

googleplayappleappstore Both Android and Apple are popular choices for gamers. When comparing the Android store and the App store for gaming apps, it’s quite difficult to choose which one is the best. Android will have more apps than Apple in the long run because it is open source, allowing anyone to make apps, and also allowing there to be more than one store such as the Amazon App store. There is a price difference, with many of the games that come for free in the Android store, having a small fee in the App store. An example of this is Angry Birds.

The usual argument is that Apple get the best developers because they charge a small price, and that they have greater quality control, however this is hard to swallow when you see some of the same games available for free on android. What is of more importance to you is really down to the individual. Mobile casino apps are not available at all on the android market, whereas you can easily get them on the app store.

Yiftee Wins the Appy Award

browse_screenshot-d4a132ef602cecf9c09b294a53fb38b6Yiftee, an exciting new gift giving app/service that is dedicated to supporting small businesses, has won the Appy Award! The award was accepted by Yiftee co-founder Aldo Briano, Designer Christina Gray and Developer Veronica Borges. The Yiftee team, easily identifiable by their bright orange Yiftee t-shirts at the conference, is celebrating by giving hundreds of Yiftee gifts to other conference-goers. Yiftee gift recipients can redeem them immediately at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, Austin, a participating Yiftee merchant. As with all Yiftee gifts, everyone wins!

The Appy Awards, created by MediaPost and now in their third year, are dedicated to acknowledging creativity and excellence in app design. Yiftee was chosen by a panel of industry experts who personally reviewed the finalist apps.

LG Optimus Life = LG Optimus Me = LG P350

New Quidamo App for What You Love


The new QUIDAMO app enhances the ability of fans to follow and connect with their interests. Quidamo bypasses search engines and provides users with easy access to online information sources, as well as real-time alerts, all in one simple intuitive interface. Fully loaded with over 800 musical artists; MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA and NASCAR; and hundreds of films, TV shows and actors; with QUIDAMO users can:

Trivie App: It’s All About Trivia

trivie Coming with a huge trivia database, Trivie, The Ultimate Battle of Wits, surpassed 1 million downloads in just a few short months. A staggering 11.8 million games have been played and over 400 million questions answered. As one of the only native iOS, iPhone 5 trivia games available in the App Store, Trivie takes trivia and mobile fun to a whole new level.

Lawrence Schwartz , says of Trivie, “We set out to build a game that was inviting, addictive, and fun to play with friends and family. And, since everybody loves trivia– the mobile game playing community appears to have been waiting for a game just like Trivie. The download numbers, statistics, and reviews are just a byproduct of the fun factor and social context of our game.”

Schwartz and his team set out to build the perfect trivia app — one that combines the experience of a game show with the natural desire for learning and knowledge. Noted behavioral psychologist, Dr. Stuart J. Nathan , weighed in on why Trivie has become a very addictive ritual for many, “Understanding how we ‘process’ information and what keeps one’s interest is what Trivie, Inc. has managed to accomplish with their highly addictive, challenging, and intuitive game.” Dr. Nathan states that Trivie provides users with a visually appealing experience, and binds that to a positively rewarding cognitive experience. “Trivie has managed to tap into the psychology of the trivia player with a game that is challenging at many levels, appealing to a large base of players, combining one’s emotional desire to be social, intellectual, interactive, and relevant.”


LG Viper 4G LTE Android Smartphone

Android Rise to Success (Infographic)


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Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone LTE

Appdaq Stock Exchange App

Appdaq for iPhone and iPad

Available for free on the App Store, Appdaq is a kind App Store Stock Exchange app that allows iPhone and iPad users to check their skills of a stock exchange trader. Created by Ted Nash, Appdaq uses an intelligent algorithm to create a stock exchange simulator, providing players with a unique and thrilling opportunity to act like real traders, without having to take on the financial risk. Featuring market updates as well as helpful investment tips, Appdaq also allows them to capitalise on good trading opportunities and maximise their profits. Players can even check out their friends’ portfolios and challenge them on Facebook to discover who’s the best trader.

With initial capital of $10,000 in their portfolio, players are able to start exploring the market of top-ranked App Store applications – such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Through playing the market and investing shrewdly, they can build their total holding and rise up the world leaderboard.

“I believe Appdaq is a great example of what can be achieved when you combine brilliant technical ability with passion,” commented Ted Nash, founder of Liquid5. “We’ve managed to work together, taking what was just an idea and turning it into a reality.”


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Choosing a Laptop

Whether you need a computer to play resource heavy games or just want to be able to check your emails, there is a laptop out there for you. With this guide you will have the tools necessary to make the best decision over the laptops in your price range. In general, a good laptop will cost anywhere between £300-£500. High end laptops can be upwards of £500-600. In general any laptop below £300 won’t last you long, and will start to lag frustratingly with even the simplest tasks before it reaches a few years old. If all you want to do is access a broadband connection at home or at work for light to moderate use, a laptop in the £300-500 bracket will suit you just fine. If you are a more intensive user who likes games and media, a laptop in the £500 and upwards bracket might be more of a wise choice. There are some important things to consider when choosing your ideal computer, these are listed below:

The processor is the first thing you must choose when looking for a computer. Everything else comes secondary to this. The processor runs the whole show, and so there is no point in maxing out the rest of your laptop’s specifications if you don’t have a processor that can keep up with the rest. Most laptops these days come with one of the three processors described below:

  • Intel Core i3 – the i3 has the lowest processing power of the modern processors, but it is no slouch! It vastly outperforms all but the best of the older style of processors; it is the processor of choice for users who will lightly or moderately use their computer for word processing, internet browsing and email. It is cheap and more than powerful enough for the average user..
  • Intel Core i5 – the i5 is the processor of choice for moderate computer users, and although it is slightly more expensive than the i3 processor, it packs enough punch to deliver media and graphics effortlessly.
  • Intel Core i7 – the i7 is reserved for the most heavy computer users. It is quite pricy, and quite simply unnecessary unless you are a very heavy computer user, constantly using resource hungry programs such as games or certain developer tools. If you are looking for a computer for casual use, steer clear of the i7.

Memory (RAM)
These days tabbed internet browsing and high definition media files gobble resources, so a large RAM capacity is essential. Nowadays most laptops come with 8gb of ram as standard, and certainly none will have less than four. 8gb should be all you need if you are a moderate to heavy user, although programs are becoming more RAM hungry and so you might want to make sure you have extra slots to allow upgrade!

Hard Drive Space
A one terabyte (1024 gigabytes) hard drive is also the standard nowadays, and is more than enough to keep even the most media hoarding users happy for a long while.

So with this knowledge in hand, you should be well informed to make the best possible choice of which laptop suits your needs. Good luck!

iPhone 4S Prices Complete Price List of Luxury iPhone 4S

Easily Print Photos from a Mobile Device

FreePrints by PhotoAffections is a revolutionary new free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app that allows users to order premium-quality photo prints directly from their mobile device. It’s the first app of its kind in the world! With just a few taps, FreePrints will mail FREE premium-quality prints of users’ favorite photos in just days. 4×6 prints are FREE – up to 1,000 per year.